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Engine Upgrades

Anything from just simple bolt-ons to power adders like superchargers.


Brake Upgrades

You can upgrade to slotted or drilled rotors with semi-metallic brake pads for optimal braking performance to full carbon ceramic brakes with six piston calipers for the best braking performance. 


Drivetrain Upgrades

Transmission swaps, drive shafts, differential and axle upgrades.

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Wheel/Tire Upgrades

Go aluminum alloy (good for low unsprung mass) with high performance summer tires for street performance or full drag set up for the track.


Suspension Upgrades

Better shocks, springs, and linkages for handling. If you would like to lower your car/truck to give it a better center of gravity for stability or just want a more aggressive look the choice is yours.


Automotive Repairs

Have a check engine light? Need a part to be replaced? Or just need an oil change? We got your back to keep your vehicle running optimally and safely on the road.

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